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In 2012, the average US internet user spent $1042 on e-commerce with those in Canada trailing slightly, at $1009

Easier, cheaper and quicker to update than print material.

Cheaper to set up than buying or renting premises

Three out of four smartphone users have contacted a business they found on their phone.

Internet marketing is much cheaper than traditional marketing

Over the next three years, businesses that make use of the web expect to grow 40% faster than those that don't.

The Internet allows you to enter into a dialogue with your customers.

Get to understand your target audience better, use web analytics, social media functions.

A professional website can level the playing-field between your business and its competitors

Spread your brand not just to customers, but partner companies, and potential employees

A website builds identity, authority, and credibility

A website can serve over a thousand customers simultaneously, can your location do that?

Customers expect it!

The successful website not only shares information, but generates customers.

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Stephen Litvack

Fayez Patel

Laura Mathonia

Tamiesha Mos

Portfolio 1

Plaza Dental Centre

This website was done for a Dental Office. The client needed a website that shows information about their company and have detailed descriptions of their services.

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Portfolio 2

5 Touch Marketing

This website was done for a Promotional Staffing Company. The client wanted a website to present their company with a sleek design for their clients in the Marketing industry in Canada.

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Portfolio 3

Muslim Amazing Race

This website was done for a charity event called Muslim Amazing Race. The client wanted a website to present their event information in a clean well layed out way.

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Portfolio 4

Torah High Promo Form

This online registration form was done for a Jewish High School Program called Torah High. The client wanted an online form on tablets for brand ambassadors to use to get people to sign up for their program. The form submits data to a database and the client got an excell sheet with all the user input at the end of the program.

Portfolio 5

Muslims On The Road

This website was done for a group of friends who wanted a website for blogging about their travels. The client paid $200 to have a basic blog site set up without them having to deal with any technical website details.

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Portfolio 6

Body Language Fitness

This flyer was done for a local fitness centre. 10,000 of these flyers were printed and distributed for part of a marketing campaign.

Portfolio 7

Acumen Global Solutions

This website was done for an IT company called Acumen Global Solutions. The client wanted a small website to present their company information in a clean well layed out way.

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Portfolio 8

UMMA Martial Arts

This website was done for a martial arts dojo called United Muslim Martial Arts. The client wanted a website to present current information, allow online registration and online shopping for martial arts equipment.

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Portfolio 9

YLC Asset Management

This website was done for an Asset management company. The client needed a website that shows information about their company, has downloadable pdf forms and shows their building location information.

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Portfolio 10

ZT Events

This website was done for an event planning and marking company located in Toronto called ZT Events. The client wanted a website to present their company information in a highly customized way.

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Acumen Global Solutions

"They did a great Job With my website. very very pleased indeed. Yes, they went from the standard web 2.0 and took it to the next level of web 3.0! Thank you!"

ZT Events

"The website they did for my company is unreal. I love the page they did with a custom interactive animation. The website really accents a wow factor that I was looking for when I wanted my website done."

Bill Naphan Music

"I did not have much money to spend on a website. With my limited funds Ideas and Waves provided me with a concise and clearly layed out website with just the right amount of information presented."

UMMA Martial Arts

"Clearly Ideas and Waves knows how to take a concept and bring it to the world wide web. They provided us with a blogging platform, an ecommerce solution, and a registration database for the many students, locations, and events we have. They have guaranteed our future business."

Muslim Amazing Race

"My team and I needed a website that would showcase the event and be interactive on many levels. Ideas and Waves explained what the best options were and delivered consistently without delay, furthermore they continue to provide support to this day. 10/10."

Plaza Dental Centre

"Ideas and Waves redesigned a website for my dental practice which does a much better job of effectively presenting information to potential patients. The content on the site is much better written making it much less difficult for users to find the information they are looking for."